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Making Connecticut More affordable

Senator Logan, a family man with two children now in college, is extremely aware of how the cost of living in Connecticut impacts families in Connecticut.  

His record on working to make Connecticut affordable is clear:

  • Opposed the “grocery tax”

  • Voted against the following tax increases 

    • The digital download tax 

    • New Tax on Safety Apparel 

    • New Tax on Parking 

    • New 1% tax on soda, beverages, alcohol dispensed at bars’ soda fountains

    • Higher Fee in Vehicle Trade ins

    • New Tax on Dry Cleaning and Non-Coin-Operated Laundry Services

    • Increase filing fee for LLCs and LLPs 

    • $50 million annual tax increase on small businesses. 


Paid for by Re-elect Senator Logan, Ronald Swatt Treasurer. Approved by George Logan.

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Paid for by Re-Elect Senator Logan, Ron Swatt, Treasurer. Approved by George Logan.