Sen.George Logan On The Issues 

Senator Logan, a family man with two children now in college, is extremely aware of how the cost of living in Connecticut impacts families in Connecticut. 

His record on working to make Connecticut affordable is clear:

  • Opposed the “grocery tax”

  • Voted against the following tax increases 

    • The digital download tax 

    • New Tax on Safety Apparel 

    • New Tax on Parking 

    • New 1% tax on soda, beverages, alcohol dispensed at bars’ soda fountains

    • Higher Fee in Vehicle Trade ins

    • New Tax on Dry Cleaning and Non-Coin-Operated Laundry Services

    • Increase filing fee for LLCs and LLPs 

    • $50 million annual tax increase on small businesses. 



As our state moves into a very difficult budget cycle in the shadow of the economic shutdown, recognizing the tight spot our hard working families are in has to be recognized and our budgeting has to be done in an honest and transparent way.

Senator’s Logan’s track record on taking an honest and straightforward approach to addressing our financial concerns:

  • Proposed an Alternative Transportation Plan that didn't Include Tolls

  • Provided a Paid Family Leave Bill without a Payroll Tax

  • Co/Sponsored, Introduced or Supported following cost-saving proposals 

    • Elimination of the Business Entity Tax 

    • Promotion and Development of Connecticut’s 72 opportunity zones

    • Offshore Wind Energy, which will create hundreds of jobs and work to make electricity in Connecticut more affordable. 

    • Elimination of the Estate and Gift Tax 

    • Exemption of Clothing and Footwear costing less than $75 from the sales and use tax

    • Allowing municipalities greater flexibility to determine property tax relief 

The future of our children and our state is grounded in our education system.  Sen. Logan’s view is the role of state government in education is to provide necessary funding for local schools, support teachers, and create a safe and quality education environment where all children can thrive. 


​Senator Logan’s track record on education is clear: 

  • Supported bipartisan legislation to expand the Advanced Manufacturing Program at Derby High School 

  • Supports continued local control of school systems 

  • Proposed and continues to support freezing in-state college tuition rates to make college more affordable for Connecticut residents 

  • Supported legislation to provide Businesses Tax Credits for paying off employee’s students loans 

  • Sponsored legislation to improve the system to fund special education services to protect local Board of Education budgets

  • Championed legislation to update high school curriculum to include African-American, Puerto Rican and Latino studies, as well as, Holocaust and Genocide education

  • Supported the expansion of eligibility for the Care 4 Kids Program 

  • Supported the funding of the Retired Teachers’ Health Insurance

  • Stood with teachers to prevent the shifting of financial obligations of teachers’ pension to towns and cities, saving local taxpayers millions of dollars 

  • Co-sponsored legislation to update school security plans

  • Supported legislation delineating the specific individuals who must undergo recurring comprehensive background checks in order to provide child care services

  • Supported the development of school-based instruction on the negative impacts of opioids


 As a member of the Griffin Hospital Board of Directors, Senator Logan sees firsthand the importance of our local hospitals and the quality care our healthcare professionals provide.  Sen. Logan is a strong healthcare advocate and recognizes the importance of addressing both the long term impact healthcare costs have on our families and the obvious need to plan for future healthcare emergencies.

Sen. Logan’s efforts in drafting and pushing for impactful legislation in this area include:

  • Reducing the cost of insurance premiums

  • Decreasing prescription drug costs

  • Controlling the growth of healthcare costs

  • Developing a viable and comprehensive Health Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • Continuing the fight against the opioid addiction epidemic 

Senator Logan’s track record on healthcare is clear: 

  • Continues to host the Senior Healthcare Fair 

  • Voted to support local hospitals by preventing a crippling lawsuit caused by former Governor Dan Malloy 

  • Fighting to reduce the cost of insulin 

  • Expanded health insurance coverage for mammograms

  • Ensuring that these essential health benefits remain a part of our health insurance:

    • Emergency services

    • Hospitalization

    • Maternity and newborn health care

    • Mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health

    • Prescription drugs

    • Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices

    • Laboratory services

    • Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management

    • Pediatric services, including oral and vision care

  • Co-sponsored legislation protecting Connecticut residents with preexisting conditions by: Prohibiting short-term health insurance policies issued on a nonrenewable basis for term of six months or less from containing a preexisting condition provision. It also redefines the term “preexisting condition provision” to include preexisting condition whether or not medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received before the coverage

  • Co-sponsored legislation to support individuals with mental health and substance use
    disorder by: Prohibiting certain health insurance policies from applying non-quantitative treatment limitations (e.g., preauthorization requirements) to mental health and substance use disorder benefits in a way that is substantially different from how they apply these limitations to medical and surgical benefits. The act also generally prohibits health insurance policies from denying coverage for substance abuse services solely
     because they were provided under a court order.

  • Co-sponsored legislation battling the opioid epidemic by placing strict guidelines for
    healthcare professionals prescribing opioids. 

  • Supported legislation providing first responders workers’ compensation for post-traumatic
    stress disorder

  • Supported a bipartisan executive order that directed the Office of Health Strategy (OHS) to
    establish statewide healthcare cost growth and quality benchmarks and a primary care
    spending target, and the Department of Social Services (DSS) to improve public
    transparency of Medicaid costs and quality. This same plan has saved the state of Massachusetts $5 billion since 2013.

The United States has the best healthcare in the world due, in part, to the investment medical companies make in seeking new treatments and cures to improve our lives.  Government-controlled, socialized medicine system is not the answer.  Better use of the money we spend on our healthcare is.  For this reason, Sen. Logan is always supportive of spending on preventative medicine, which when done right, reduces human suffering and the drain on our healthcare system. 

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