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Statement from Senator George Logan regarding Eversource

Statement from Senator George Logan regarding Eversource

My political opponents have attempted to connect me to the recent Eversource rate increase and issues related to storm recovery efforts. These statements are absurd and reflect badly on those making such outlandish implications.

I am the Director of Community Relations at the Aquarion Water Company. I have been employed there since 1992. Over the last 28 years, I have held several positions with the company, from Engineer to Director.

Aquarion Water Company was acquired by Eversource in December 2017. Since the acquisition, my job responsibilities have continued to be focused exclusively on water-related services. As an Aquarion Water Company employee, I have no direct involvement in issues related to Eversource electric rates, natural gas rates, or related emergency/storm planning.

The position of State Senator is a part time position, so it is the norm that these office holders, myself included, have regular, full-time jobs. To ensure the integrity of the office, each Senator undergoes ethics training which includes how to properly navigate legislative activity that may intersect with interests of our full-time employers.

I have taken this training and can state with confidence my public comments, positions and legislative activity have never come into conflict with the interests of my employer or its parent company. Any implication to the contrary is low-ball politics. As my opponent in this campaign is a long-time paid union organizer and union leader, I expect he, too, will separate his union interests from those of the people he wishes to represent.

I hold myself to the highest ethical standards. For example, even though the rules permit me to vote on these matters, I often choose not to because I want to go above and beyond to assure the public that there is no potential conflict.

I call on those circulating material incorrectly reporting, or even implying, that my duties as a State Senator are somehow compromised because Aquarion Water Company is a subsidiary of Eversource, to stop the nonsense. This election is about how to make our state affordable in the face of irresponsible and financially disastrous legislation I continue to oppose.

This election is about how I will continue to work towards a smaller, effective government to improve the lives of individuals and families in our State Senate District 17. My vision is to make Connecticut affordable for everyone so we can experience a safe, happy and fulfilled life.


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