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The 2020 Re-election Campaign is on!

Dear Friend,

I have been proud to serve as the State Senator from the 17th District and wanted you to know that today I filed to run for re-election. As in prior campaigns, I ask for your financial support so we can win the fight to change Connecticut’s direction and address our many pressing needs.

Over the last three years I have supported efforts to fix our crippling financial mess, the single biggest factor preventing many residents and taxpayers from improving their quality of life and prospering financially. For example, in 2017 I helped to champion a bi-partisan budget that implemented a state spending cap and bonding cap. These are important steps towards good governance for Connecticut. But there is much more to do and the best way I can implement change in our state government is by going back to Hartford to fight for you.

We need to do so many things differently. We must encourage businesses to stay in CT. In order to attract new businesses and industries into our state, we must be smart about reducing burdensome regulations and putting a stop to over taxation and the reckless spending philosophy of the current leadership in Hartford. We need to increase the number of people working, raising families and paying manageable tax rates. What we have today over-burdens our seniors, encourages our next generation to relocate outside the state and under-serves our most vulnerable citizens. Only through better leadership can we turn this around. I have, and want to continue, to bring better leadership, practical business experience and common sense to Hartford.I respectfully ask you to support my campaign.

As I am going to participate in the Citizen’s Election program, contributions must be between $5 and $250. Please also encourage others to contribute by forwarding this email to family and friends. You can be confident my campaign will spend your contribution wisely and I will continue to work tirelessly to bring my message of fiscal responsibility and smarter government to the voters and continue to represent your best interests at the Capitol.

You can contribute through this link:

With my thanks for your support,



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Paid for by Re-Elect Senator Logan, Ron Swatt, Treasurer. Approved by George Logan.